Thatcher Demko | G     Boston College | NCAA
Height: 6’3”     Weight: 192     Catches: Left
Born: December 8, 1995

Career Statistics
2011-2012   Omaha      W: 9     L: 3   OTL: 0   GAA: 2.87   SV%: .899
2012-2013   USA-U18   W: 27   L: 9   OTL: 4   GAA: 2.11   SV%: .907

Player Overview
Demko, the youngest player in College Hockey, has a 2.38
GAA and .911 Sv% as a freshman at BC
(Photo Credit: Boston Globe)
When Central Scouting released their midterm rankings, Demko found himself the #1 ranked North American goalie, with a 4-1-2 record as young youngest player in College Hockey. He’s starred for the US in international play in the past, and might be a safe bet to do so again in the future. Although he admits that he has some physical and mental development left, for someone who eats, drinks and sleeps, goaltending… his standing in the midterm rankings is not unfounded.

Compared to Coyotes’ Mike Smith by BC Assistant Coach, Mike Ayers, Demko does have good size and provides excellent net coverage. Very powerful, he is strong in the butterfly and nearly gets his pads post-to-post. However, Demko claims that he tries to play more of a hybrid style, using his size and athleticism to make saves.

Another strength lies not only his ability to read the play, but also how quickly he is able to get set and challenge shooters. Thanks to his size, positioning and powerful lateral mobility, he leaves very few holes for opposing shooters. Demko also displays good puck recovery ability.

Extremely competitive and coachable, Demko has certainly earned his notoriety in a big way. After proving his dedication to the game by making saves with his shoulder out of the socket, there should be no question that he is determined to be one of the best.