William Nylander | RW Rogle | Sweden
Height: 5’10” Weight: 170 Shoots; Rights
Born: May 1, 1996

Career Statistics
2011-2012 (SDE HF J18) GP: 18 G: 12 A: 14 P: 26 +/-: 14 PIM: 14
2012-2013 (Sodertalje) GP: 27   G: 15   A: 28   P: 43   +/-: 14   PIM: 14

Player Overview

After being born in Alberta, Canada, Nylander was granted the
right to play for Team Sweden due to exceptional
circumstances (Photo Credit: IIHF)
William Nylander is currently the top prospect coming out of Europe, for the 2014 NHL Draft. However, Nylander, at only 17, is already extremely well traveled. Born to, 920 game NHL veteran, Michael Nylander, Willie was born in Calgary, Alberta, but also made stops in Maryland, playing for Team Maryland, and Chicago, playing for the Chicago Mission, before returning to Sweden to play for the 2011-2012 season. His father would join him one year later when the two both played for Sodertalje, and now, as the two play for Rogle.

And while the chemistry between father and son has been well documented, the younger Nylander is well equipped with the skills to succeed. A good skater, Nylander has developed a stride that allows him quickness, good speed up ice and fluid lateral movement. His ability with the puck at top speeds also makes him extremely difficult to defend, 1-on-1.

Saying he could stick handle in a phone booth is quite a compliment for the young forward. However, Nylander’s excellent puck handling skills can sometimes hinder his otherwise strong offensive game. Sometimes prone to poor decisions, he tries to do too much with the puck, which can lead to turnovers. His defensive game is also an area of concern. It’s not necessarily that he is unconcerned with playing defensively, but just that with increased size, strength and a focus on that aspect of play, his game can be rounded out. Both aspects need continued work, but should not diminish his future offensive potential.

The young Swede, relying on his great hockey sense, is a highly creative and imaginative offensive player. A player who likes to, and is able to, shoot the puck, is also a very accurate passer.

In terms of an NHL player he looks to emulate, he points to New York Islanders star John Tavares. In addition to his shooting and passing ability, Nylander focuses on playing hard on the forecheck, working to make plays that will lead to goals for his team. Nylander is another player with the skills to push for serious consideration for being selected first overall in the 2014 NHL Draft.